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Full Basic Orientation

Mumbai Relocation’s Orientation Service is designed for those who wish to familiarize themselves with their destination city prior to making their move.   Our orientation program helps you understand local lifestyles and living conditions. Housing, schooling, medical facilities, availability of goods and services, leisure and dining options, culture and traditions, and other related issues are an important part of this program.

It can be easily arranged around a business trip and in this way it becomes cost effective.  The Orientation service gives relocates the opportunity to see the city and suburbs and to have many of their questions answered.  It is invaluable to those who need to make an informed decision or for those needing the extra reassurance that local knowledge brings. Every step is taken to ensure that you understand and feel at home in a new culture.

The service includes:

  • Consultants pick up from the hotel.
  • Tour of relevant areas and recommended suburbs.
  • Inspection of a number of apartments, different styles of homes and an explanation of the benefits of living in the different suburbs.

Home-finding Program

Finding a home that meets with your needs is one of the priorities of a successful relocation. Contact with relocates pre-arrival to establish housing requirements and help with short term accommodation where there is required. A number of suitable properties are pre-screened, based on your budget and personal preferences. Home-search assistance includes accompanied viewing, negotiation of rental terms and conditions, verification of lease documents, inventory check-in and other important issues. We also co-ordinate setting up utilities such as gas, phone, internet and cable connections, furniture and appliance rentals in a cost and time efficient manner.

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Settling In

Our Settling-In Program has an itinerary based on your needs analysis. Our accompanied program consists of post-move assistance for you and your family and includes cross cultural orientation and spouse support. We take care of day to day matters that are important for you and your family to start a new home. These are school admissions, car rentals/purchase, recruitment of domestic help and drivers, shopping fundamentals, recreation options, networking into the International community and much more.  
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Cross Cultural Language

Briefing on Culture: Attitude and approach to adapt to culture shock and its implications.
The Indian Profile: Discussions on the lay of land, politics, religion, climate and other significant Indian characteristics.

People of India: An insight into the population, traditions, castes, festivals and holidays of India.
Religions and Festivals: Discussions on religions of India, significance of each religion and how it influences the foreign national.

Verbal and non-verbal communication: A beginner's preface to Hindi and Indian English, Do's and Don'ts of communication, body language, modes of communication in the social and business environment.
Doing business in India: Facts for the working expatriate, business bureaucracy, dignity and quality of labor, corruption, and other business etiquette.
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Corporate Relocations

Our commercial services cover a full spectrum of buying /selling, leasing or developing commercial property in India. We would like to understand and meet your needs. Client services include need analysis, initial consultation providing an overview of the property market, orientation to the geographical area, research of appropriate properties, interior designer, sub-contractor selection and management, site selection and negotiation and finalization of terms. We assist you in providing occupancy cost analysis and managing all steps associated in sale/leasing of property.

Types of properties involved:

  • Office complexes
  • Office units
  • SEZ's
  • Warehouses
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